Details of the projects we produce and support can be found on our club’s site at

Thank you for your interest in partnering with our club!

Our application process is designed to help us get to know one another’s needs to determine if we are a good fit for partnering at this time. We do not stand in judgment on the legitimacy of your project. However, unlike needs, funds are limited.

Rotary's Areas of Focus
Should your proposal be awarded, good standing with our organization is dependent on the following:
  1. Grant funds must be used in accordance with the budget included with your proposal.
  2. You make every attempt to increase awareness of Rotary’s work in our community: When promoting the program/project, include a statement such as “Thanks to the support of Peninsula Rotary” or “In Partnership with Peninsula Rotary.”
  3. You inform your Rotary contact of any service opportunities for Rotarians that may arise in the fulfillment of the project.
  4. Within one year, you provide a written report or oral presentation to the Peninsula Rotary Club, describing conclusions, progress, and status of objectives including how funds were expended.
  5. You furnish, to your Rotary contact, any information concerning a change in the proposal or a change in the grantee’s tax-exempt status.
  6. If the grantee’s exempt status changes or if funds are not used for the purposes described in your proposal the Foundation reserves the right to have all remaining grant funds immediately returned.
  7. Grantee warrants that funds will only be used for the purposes allowed by the IRS and other government agencies relating to grants from private foundations. In particular, no funds will be used for lobbying purposes or to aid in the election of a public official.

Southwest Pacific County Peninsula Rotary Foundation (PRF) is a 501(c)(3) organization with United States Federal Tax I.D. #27-2232531

Mission: The Foundation strengthens society by mobilizing the 
power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, investing in community-led projects which support and improve the lives of children and families.

Vision: The Foundation’s vision is a strong and flexible society driven by community-led change and where every person has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and participate in, and contribute to, all aspects of life.

funding process diagram

We appreciate what you do and look forward to the possibility of partnering for the benefit of our community

No project is guaranteed funding simply because it has been funded in the past.  Please understand the PRF budget fluctuates annually based on the success of our club’s fundraising ventures.  While we wish we could fund almost every proposal that comes our way, that simply isn’t the case.

If your project is a good fit with our mission and vision, and you are able to comply with the aforementioned terms, we invite you to fill out our application form.  Be thorough; applications with missing information are difficult for the Board to approve.

Funds are more limited this year. Please ask only for what you really need.

Use the online application here, or grab a pdf: