Duties: Sergeant-at-Arms

The function of the sergeant-at-arms is to help maintain an orderly, dignified, and effective Peninsula Rotary Foundation board meeting, one that will keep the board true to their mission and achieving their goals.  Specifically, your function is to handle the physical preparations for, and the mechanical part of, a meeting and, unobtrusively, to guide its general conduct.

As Sergeant-at-Arms, you play an important role in the overall success of each meeting.

Because of the duties you perform, the President is free to concentrate on conducting the

Meeting and the Secretary on recording the minutes. Also, what you do determines the ease with which the operational aspects are carried out. The manner in which you carry out your duties can directly influence board participation now, and in the future.


  1. Setup. Arrive early to ensure any audiovisual or other preparations are ready before the board arrives.  Coordinate with the Club Sergeant-at-Arms and/orTechnology Chair for this purpose.  For in-person meetings, set up name placards.
  2. Greet. Greet members and guests as they arrive, making sure that ALL guests register with the Secretary..  
  3. Host.  Show guests where they can obtain food & drink, restrooms, and sit. Make introductions and give guests an overview of what to expect, whether the President is entertaining guest participation, when and how to have an opportunity to speak (or that no guest speaking will be allowed for the meeting).  
  4. Maintain order in a diplomatic manner.  As unobtrusively as possible, see that the members pay attention to the president’s gavel.   Keep track of time, nudging the President when a topic’s time has been exceeded, the conversation has gone off-course, or perhaps should be sent to committee for further discussion.  Proceedings are to follow Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised.  When this isn’t happening, kindly but firmly insist, inform, and educate to ensure parliamentary procedure is followed.  Have the PRF copy with you for reference at all meetings.
  5. At the end of the meeting, ensure supplies are properly stored and put away. Ensure any food areas are left cleaned as they were found.


  • Only club members are welcome at meetings. 
  • Your job is to be as invisible as possible so as to maintain order without interrupting the proceedings more than is necessary.  That said, it is your responsibility to stop proceedings if necessary to maintain order, ensure parliamentary procedure, and keep the board on task.  Speak up as necessary, as gently as is needed to accomplish your goal.
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