May 2021 Meetings: Draft Minutes

Draft Minutes from May 3, 2021: Draft Minutes from Annual Meeting, May 11, 2021:

Board Packet for May 3, 2021

Hello Everyone, Here is the agenda for the next board meeting and the minutes from our March meeting. March 1 2021 Minutes.doc PRF_BoardAgenda_2021-0503 Bylaws Revision(1).pdf I have a scheduling snag so Keleigh or Nancy will lead the meeting tomorrow. Thank you,...

Minutes from December 7, 2020

SWPCP Rotary Board Meeting Minutes 12/07/2020 Attendance: Karen Hintz, President Nancey Olson, Sgt. at Arms Mark Magee, Pres. Elect Nominee Nancy McAllister, Past Pres. Eleanor Ramage, Secretary Brad Browning Dorothy Le, Treasurer MaryAnne Murray Carol Lynn Ockfen,...

Board Packet for March 1, 2021

PRF_BoardAgenda_2021-0301.pdf PRF-minutes-2021-0111.doc

Minutes from January 11, 2021

Minutes of Peninsula Rotary Foundation Regular Meeting January 11, 2021 Call to Order by Lanie Kary, PRF President. Proof of notice of meeting Roll call: Present: PRF President Lanie Kary; PRF Secretary Nancy McAllister; PRF Treasurer Brad Browning; PRF At Large Dan...