Hello Everyone,

Here is the agenda for our next PRF board meeting:
  • Elect Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Elect Treasurer-Elect
  • Approval of 2021-22 Budget
  • Establish Committees & Projects
    • Arts & Adventures Leadership Team
    • Continuing Education Scholarships Team
    • Covid Strike Force
      • Renew spending authority
  • Approval of Foundation Website (currently at https://beachrotary.com), including:
    • Bylaws
    • Code of Conduct Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Review Project Proposals supported by the Club Board
  • Actively encourage project proposals from the community to go to the CLUB Board
Additional documents and reports are below.
See you on the Zoom!

Funds Requests

Any request approved at the June or July Board meetings will come to us for funding on July 12th. 

Report:  Peninsula Poverty Response

Attached is a report of the expenditures thus far for the COVID Hub and the current balance.  PPR has expended $2450 and received $4000 grant from Rotary. $1550 remains in this fund.

Nancy McAllister

Report:  Covid Response Strike Force

Long Beach: Plugged In, Tinkertown Mall
Long Beach: Former Police Station /now Visitor Center (awaiting their opening date)
Mobile 1:  Will be at Project Peninsula Connect on Jul 13
Mobile 2:  Will be at Project Peninsula Connect on Jul 13

Under Consideration:
Ilwaco: Across from the Heritage Museum
Ocean Park: Methodist Church
Ocean Park:  Downtown area store

Working with the Latinx community via Peninsula Community Immigrant Support to identify needs relating to Covid and address them.  North county location(s) for Rotary Connect Stations are a possibility.  Better bilingual support for vaccines and testing is also on the agenda.

Mark Magee, Nancy McAllister, & Keleigh Schwartz

 Report:  Treasurer

Coming soon via email.