Hello Everyone,

Here is the agenda for the next board meeting and the minutes from our March meeting.

I have a scheduling snag so Keleigh or Nancy will lead the meeting tomorrow.

Thank you,

Lanie Kary

Funds Requests

This website is under construction and, with board approval, will move to beachrotary.COM.  Please take a click around at your convenience.  Of particular note, look under Board Governance for the draft Bylaws and Conflict of Interest policy as both of those need more editing and/or approval.

Keleigh Schwartz

Report:  Peninsula Poverty Response

Attached is a report of the expenditures thus far for the COVID Hub and the current balance.  PPR has expended $2450 and received $4000 grant from Rotary. $1550 remains in this fund.

Nancy McAllister

Report:  Covid Response Strike Force

The board received a report along with the whole club last week, on the work of the committee.  Check with Brad for a copy of the Zoom and docs.  Otherwise, the documents shown will come to you when the logo is revised and they become public.

Mark Magee, Nancy McAllister, & Keleigh Schwartz

 Report:  Treasurer


Please see attached Treasures Report for this evenings meeting.

  • Bank Statements
  • Arts and Adventures Summary
  • Deposits and Payments
  • Foundation Financial Statements
  • Foundation Budget

Warm Regards,