Minutes of Peninsula Rotary Foundation Regular Meeting

January 11, 2021

Call to Order by Lanie Kary, PRF President.

Proof of notice of meeting

Roll call: Present: PRF President Lanie Kary; PRF Secretary Nancy McAllister; PRF Treasurer Brad Browning; PRF At Large Dan Nydegger; PRF Past President Keleigh Schwartz; Club President Karen Hintz; Club President-Elect Paul Estrella; PRF Ser. At Arms John Ramage; Carolyn Ockfen; Nancey Olsen; Vanessa Howard.

Approval of Agenda

Reports of Officers & Directors

Approval of Minutes. Keleigh Schwartz moved to accept the November meeting minutes; Second by Brad Browning. Vote: Unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report. Brad Browning Reported. Discussion.

Old Business

  • Board Training: Scheduled in February. Keleigh Schwartz and Brad browning prepared for program.
  • Grants funded and not used. Review from November. No further update.
  • 2019-20 Financial Review: No further update.
  • 2019-20 Project Review: No further update.
  • Players Playhouse Rent: Rent paid December 2020

New Business

  • Grant Requests
    • Fire Department – Medication Training tape. $3540.96 Request.
      Discussion. Paul Estrella will contact the Fire Department Chief to set up a fact gathering workshop for Question & Answers.
    • Ilwaco High School Christmas Request: Project not funded. Contact will be made to encourage the High School to make the request next Christmas.
  • Shop with A Cop report: Lanie Kary reported 31 kids/10 families were included in the program. Review of spending.
  • Christmas Angels report by Karen Hintz. 7 additional families added at the end. 202 gifts purchased.
  • PPR Project Community Report: Update given. January 14th PPR General Meeting. PPR to provide Rotary meeting program in February.
  • Jack’s Country Store Potato Purchase Update.
  • Monica Sicard has requested a leave of absence due to health reasons.
  • Filing empty board positions Discussed.

Reports of Committees

  • Bylaws Review & Update:
  • Scholarships:
  • International Projects
  • Nominations: Lanie Kary will take over the Chair position of Committee.\