SWPCP Rotary Board Meeting Minutes 12/07/2020

Karen Hintz, President Nancey Olson, Sgt. at Arms
Mark Magee, Pres. Elect Nominee Nancy McAllister, Past Pres.
Eleanor Ramage, Secretary Brad Browning
Dorothy Le, Treasurer MaryAnne Murray
Carol Lynn Ockfen, Pres. TRF Vanessa Ulku-Howard
Lanie Kary, Pres. PRF Excused: Paul Estrella, Pres. Elect

Agenda: Question from Eleanor regarding no inclusion of Treasurer’s Report this month; Karen stated she had nothing but Dorothy said she had a report. Motion by Eleanor to approve Agenda with the addition of Treasurer’s Report, second by Carol Lynn and all approved.

11/02/2020 Minutes: No questions; motion to approve by Carol Lynn, second by Dorothy, and approved as written.

New Business:

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance for the month of November $13,1145.54; ending balance $14,070.70. Total $975.16 received for dues and expense of $50.00 for printing. Nancy M questioned the high balance and Karen said it’s because of upcoming dues payment. There was nothing else to report and no further questions.

Change to Club Meeting Schedule: Karen had solicited feedback over the last month and the consensus was we should change the schedule for the holiday season and the 1st quarter of 2021. Two options were presented, meeting 2nd and 4th Tuesdays through March, the main difference being the addition of a “social” meeting the 3rd week in Option 2. There would be no change to Board meetings. A 3-week break for holidays was also proposed from Dec. 22 thru Jan. 5 with meetings resuming Jan. 12. Mark asked about changing the meeting time until 6 p.m., especially over the winter, and after discussion, it was agreed to keep it 5:30 p.m. to keep the time consistent. All these meetings would continue to be on Zoom and regular weekly meetings would resume April 6. Dorothy was concerned there would be no weekly EAA updates and Karen said the various committees for EAA would definitely be meeting as frequently as needed with updates provided at scheduled Club meetings. The idea of a social (fun) meeting to be hosted by Paul has yet to be discussed with him but Brad stated he would be willing to host if Paul is unavailable. Motion by Vanessa and second by Mark to modify our 1st quarter schedule as discussed and pending Paul’s approval, and to take a 3-week break over the upcoming holidays. This will be presented to the Club meeting on 12/08/2020 for any further discussion and feedback.

Foundation Report to Club: Since the Club and the Foundation do different things, it seems we have been remiss in not sharing updates between the two or to membership. This is a reminder that we need to promote ourselves in-house by sharing the good news and all the work both entities accomplish. Accordingly, Lanie was asked to provide increased input to the Club Board and membership. The input could also be solicited from other groups on the Peninsula that have benefited from or assisted with Rotary projects. It was agreed that we should consider inviting guests back to speak to Club about the benefit of Rotary support for their cause. Lanie suggested Foundation could share grant requests as they come in and perhaps do a quarterly newsletter in Chinook Observer as to what Rotary has sponsored/supported that quarter, including input from our numerous community connections. No formal approval would be required but Club and Foundation would need to agree on the format and expectations for the newsletter. Nancy M. proposed that groups have approximately 5 minutes on Club Agenda to provide updates, saying she has several people in mind who are willing to report. Vanessa will work with her on possible meeting dates, especially given the pared-down schedule. This would probably not be a formal program/presentation, just an update on how the group is doing – several could be scheduled for one meeting to constitute the Program and these people would be designated guests, not speakers.

Membership Status Update: By 12/31/2020 we need to complete a status update prior to paying dues to District and International after the 1st of the year. Several people have not been seen at meetings for a while and Karen reviewed the Club roster to check if anyone had information on their status/activity. Various members were identified as needing to be contacted and Board members offered to reach out to those people, providing input back to Karen who will then pass it along to Eleanor and Mary for appropriate changes.

Open Discussion: Lanie asked what kind of report should be given to Club about Foundation and it was agreed that an open announcement was fine. Carol Lynn asked that Karen provide a newsletter/update to Club on Christmas Angels after it’s done this year and Karen agreed. Karen will also work with Lanie on other projects to provide updates.

Adjourned: 6:30 p.m. Motion to adjourn by Eleanor with second by Carol Lynn.