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These minutes aren’t real but rather an example template to use when you are charged with taking them.

Peninsula Rotary Foundation

EXAMPLE Board Meeting Minutes

04 SEPTEMBER 20XX / 6:30 PM / ZOOM


The time and date of the meeting were set pursuant to Peninsula Rotary Foundation Bylaws Section 3. Notice of the meeting was given by email on May 28, as well as in club programs and oral announcements on May 28 and June 4, 2019. 


 5:30 pm by President/Chair Lanie Kary


  • Board Trustees Present: Eleanor Ramage, Paul Estrella, Keleigh Schwartz, Nancy McAllister, Dan Nydegger, Lanie Kary. 
  • Board Trustees Absent: Melissa Johnson
  • Quorum present? Yes
  • Non-Board Officers Present: John Ramage, Sgt at Arms
  • Non-Board Officers Absent:  Dennis Long, Financial Oversight
  • Others Present: Keith Schwartz, Nancey Olson, Kathy Long
  • Other: Susan Johns, Consulting Accountant


Last Meeting Follow-up

    1. Minutes. Reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting was waived, having been presented to the membership by email on May 28 and with unanimous group consent. 
    2. Bylaws.  Hintz reported work is ongoing for the Club bylaws; Estrella reported the same for PRF bylaws revision.
    3. Grants.  All grant monies and agreements have been distributed.  If your championed project has not yet contacted you, it’s a good time to reach out.

New Business

    1. Treasurer’s Report. John Ramage provided a brief overview of the 2018-19 activity, including projects funded and funds remaining. It was also noted the process of vetting projects and making expenditure decisions for 2018-19 had begun. All members are invited to Foundation Board meetings to participate; odd-numbered months, 6:30 pm, Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort. 
    2. Election of officers and directors of the Foundation A list of proposed officers, all running unopposed, was presented by Nominations Committee Chair Dennis Long. The list received board approval on June 3rd. All members present were asked to vote for or against the roster in total. The roster was approved unanimously: 


  1. It was noted that the meeting ran long last month.  All are requested to post their committee reports online at least 7 days before board meetings.  Or at least 10 days prior to a meeting, send them to for posting on your behalf. Thanks.


  1. Motion to approve Minutes of 2019 Annual Meeting as written by Nydegger, Second by Ramage, Unanimously approved.
  2. Motion to approve election roster as presented by Estrella, Second by Schwartz, Unanimously approved with an abstention by Ramage.


July 7, 2020, Zoom.  Contact for codes if needed.


6:33 pm


Joe Blow, Secretary